Design by Daniele Menichini

Concept: Daniele Menichini,
Executive Design: Angelo Lanzetta
3D Development: Giacomo Favilla


Design by Daniele Menichini

The collection of furniture for
Pitagora’s outdoor areas expresses
soft fluid lines combined with solid
surface and rigid structural
elements made from sheet metal.
This juxtaposition is ruled by
geometric choices that give the
collection its name.

Simple flat shapes converge with wavy
complex forms, while straight lines
and curved lines join to give shape
to the objects of a rich and
complete collection whose chairs
and tables satisfy a vast range of
uses for outdoor contract
furnishings. The name of the family
of objects and decorative items is
meant to encapsulate the study of
a masterful play of shapes that are
perfectly metered, from the
designer’s pencil.

“The italian word anisotropia,
which stands for anisotropy.
Anisotropy, in physics, is the
quality of exhibiting properties
with different values when
measured along axes in
different directions.
Anisotropia aims to
explore the beauty hidden
in non uniform objects.»